Manray Express Freight Systems  is a Miami Florida, Belize City and San Pedro based ocean and air freight forwarder serving Belize City, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Caye Chapel and all of Belize, Central America.  Shipping to Belize is actually very easy. Manray Express offers an unlimited array of ocean and air freight forwarding and transportation services to Belize City and Ambergris Caye via Seaboard Marine and other ground and airline destinations with our interline air carrier Maya Air. Both South Florida local pick up and delivery services and US national trucking services as well as US Customs bonded freight services from world wide locations can be arranged. Tax and Duty Free purchasing services can also be arranged for items that you might want to purchase here in the States, or foreign country.

AIR FREIGHT SERVICES: Air freight rates vary weekly with the cost of fuel. An average cost for air freight rates is about $1.90 per pound depending on the size of the shipment. This includes air freight, fuel surcharge and security fee. There is also an air waybill documentation fees of US$45.00. Local delivery charges to the airlines in Miami are extra but nominal averaging $55.00 up to 500 pounds. Belize Handling fees US$50.00, Customs clearance US$75.00, transfers to San Pedro or Caye Caulker are also additional but very nominal. For a specific rate quote please email us at clicking here . We look forward to working with you.

We have tried to simplify the shipping of merchandise and cargo by including all the charges into one number based on Cubic Feet.

The rates below are ALL IN rates for shipping to Belize. Unless your freight is over 8 feet in any one length or 5000 lbs for any one piece there would be no additional fees based on Cubic Feet. The rate schedule below should be sufficient for 99 percent of most shippers.

We can establish a fee schedule for your particular company for out of gauge cargo based on your specific needs and consolidate these fees into one simple tariff.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss a fee simple tariff for your company if you are shipping more than 6 pallets per week. I can always be reached by email by clicking here . We look forward to working with you and developing a plan that meets your specific needs.

Deliver your cargo to YOUR NAME-BZE, C/O MANRAY EXPRESS, 6800 NW 36th AVE, MIAMI, FL 33147.

Invoices MUST accompany any shipment to Belize to facilitate clearance and export clearance. US Customs has issued a “No documents No load memorandum”. All shipments must have export documents PRIOR to loading

Tel 305-893-8700, Fax 305-893-2700, If you don’t or can’t address it correctly please just send us an email and we will get you your freight. We just need a heads up to be on the look out.

In determining Cubic Feet (Cu Ft) measuring in inches. LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT DIVIDE BY 1728 rounded up to the next full Cubic Ft.

Examples of hypothetical shipping TOTAL shipping costs in US$.

A Laptop US$30.00. An Ipad or Iphone US$ 30.00. A Toaster measuring 12″ x 9″ x 10″ /1728= .75 Cu Ft rounded up t0 1 Cu Ft = Minimum US$ 30.00, A case of wine measuring 15″ x 12″ x 13″ /1728= 1.35 Cu Ft Rounded Up to 2 Cu Ft = US$ 32.00. A 32″ Flat Screen TV measuring 32″ x 23″ x 8″/1728= 3.4 Cu Ft Rounded Up to 4 would be US$ 36.00. A Refrigerator in the box measuring 48″ x 48″ x 74″/1728=98.66 Cu Ft Rounded Up to 99 would be US$ 193.05. This is the freight rate only and does not include tax, duty or customs brokerage. We provide those services also.

We also sell the following corrugated shipping boxes INCLUDING Ocean Freight Forwarding Charges to Belize. Shrink wrapped and banded

EH Container (36″x22″x22″) 10 Cu Ft, Including Shipping to Belize US$80.00

D Container, Banded with Lid (58″ x 41″x 45″) 62 Cu Ft, Including Shipping to Belize US$229.00

The ocean freight forwarding rates below are for LCL (Less Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) are below and are all in rates that include the Bill of Lading fee. Most Fee’s and Charges are in USD$ and BZ$USD$ 1.00 = BZ$ 2.00

BELIZE OCEAN FREIGHT FORWARDING RATES, Minimum is only 1 Cubic Foot, USD $45.00


Exporting Cars, Golf Carts and Small Sedans USD$ 979.00 TO 650 CU FT

Exporting Pick Up Trucks and SUV’s USD$ 1099.00 TO 925 CU FT.

Exporting Motorcycles Crated USD$ 699.00

Exporting Crated or Boxed Scooters, Vespa’s or other boxed two wheeled motor vehicles is based on cubic feet in schedule below PLUS USD$ 100.00 for Customs Documentation. Necessary crating if required USD$ 50.00

Export Documentation/Bill of Lading is $65.00, US Customs Export Documentation is $100.00. We can also purchase your car for you. Vehicle Delivery for most Cars and SUV’s from Miami or Fort Lauderdale auction locations to Port of Miami or Port Everglades is between $150.00-$200.00

40′ HIGH CUBE FULL CONTAINER, DRY, DOOR TO PORT $2,150.00 (Local South Florida Container Drayage Included)

20′ STD FULL CONTAINER, DRY, DOOR TO PORT $3,350.00 (Local South Florida Container Drayage Included)

Additional  Full Container Fees: Bill of Lading $65.00, Shippers Export Declaration $35.00, Container Drayage Included

Miami Handling Fees For Full Container Cargo is $15.00/Warehouse Receipt plus $0.02/ pound in and out.



Shippers Export Declaration charges ( $35.00) may apply on any single commodity over $2,500.00

PER CUBIC FOOT/ OR WEIGHT $0.11 LB (Whichever is Greater)

To calculate your approximate total rate you can use the US$ total rate. The USD$ Total is the grand total in US$ for that amount of Cu Ft in the column to the immediate left. Double the US$ Total rate to get the BZ$ Total Rate. Simple? We think so

 Cu Ft  US$ Total

 Cu Ft

 US$ Total  US$
1 $30.00 26 $80.00 51-90 $2.05 Cu Ft
2 $32.00 27 $81.00 91-98 $2.00 Cu Ft
3 $34.00 28 $82.00  99+ $1.95 Cu Ft     
4 $36.00 29 $85.00  US$  
5 $38.00 30 $86.00 1 PALLET $190.00 MAX DIMS:
6 $40.00 31 $87.00 2 PALLET $320.00 48 X 42 X 84 (98 Cu.)
7 $42.00 32 $88.00 3 PALLET $450.00
8 $47.00 33 $89.00 4 PALLET $580.00
9 $48.00 34 $90.00 5 PALLET $710.00
10 $50.00 35 $91.00 6+ PALLET $150.00 PER PALLET
11 $55.00 36 $92.00
12 $60.00 37 $93.00 OVER  96″  $35.00
13 $63.00 38 $94.00 OVER  120″  $45.00
14 $65.00 39 $95.00 OVER  144″  Quote
15 $67.00 40 $96.00 OVR WT: ANY 1 PC OVER 5K LBS $25.00
16 $69.00 41 $97.00 Shippers Export Declaration (SED) $35.00
17 $71.00 42 $98.00
18 $72.00 43 $99.00
19 $73.00 44 $100.00 Contact:
20 $74.00 45 $101.00 Belize: Mitchell Quigley, 501-633-7308
21 $75.00 46 $102.00 Miami: Robert Hamer, 305-893-8700
22 $76.00 47 $103.00 Miami Documents: Diana Hamer, 305-893-8700
24 $78.00 49 $105.00
25 $79.00 50 $105.00 Tax and Duty Free Purchasing Services Available

( These fees do not include Belize Customs, Duties, Environmental, GST, Brokerage fees or Belize Delivery)

We can provide these services for you if you would like